Land of the free is a 2d wolf pack simulator game my team and i did in the Lima Game Jam (Global gamejam 2019)

The theme of the gamejam was "What is home for you?" so we thought a lot and saw that we all feel that wolves have a home wherever they go, so we used them to make this game.

In the game you control a pack of wolves that must hunt, rest, hug and hunt one more time to mantain their family alive.


*You can eat only if you previously attacked your victim pressing Space for a while 

*You can Run pressing Left Shift

*Hug (Recover love bar) pressing Q

*Sleep (Recover sleeping bar) pressing E.

*Press escape to pause the game.

*Press WASD or Directional arrows to move.

Thank you to my team:


*Yumi (Behance: , Fb Page:

*Rose (

-Game Designer:

*Randal (

and well, i did all programming lol.

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AuthorAldhair Vera
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Life Simulation